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2018 TokenSky Blockchain Tokyo Session

TokenSky Tokyo Session will commence with a theme “Blockchain +". The event will introduce how to combine Blockchain technology in every industry, including games, 2D animation, Artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and security. TokenSky will boost blockchain technology internationally and create diligent cooperation between several industries.
This conference consists of two parts, exhibitions and summit forums. ”Blockchain +" exhibition at TokenSky is so far the largest industry B and C type professional exhibition in Asia. This exhibition will introduce the blockchain industry to more people in the local Tokyo community, and inspire them to create new projects within Japan.In the summit forum we will converse on various topics, such as application of blockchain, the development prospect of blockchain games, the development trend of blockchain and Artificial intelligence, and the global government regulation policies.
We will invite the world's top economists, scholars, financiers, legal experts, investors, industry leaders, programmers, miners, tech geeks, blockchain industry enterprises, exchange platforms, service providers, media as well as token lovers. Our goals are to exchange ideas and share our views, jointly promote the development of global blockchain technology, protect the interests of investors in various countries, and push the diversification into the world economy.
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